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RAKU Ine by Funaya no Yado Kura 

Provided by: RAKU by FUNAYA Kura
Address: 834, Kamejima, Ine Kyoto 6260424, JAPAN
Phone:+81 (772) 320815
Image of RAKU Ine by Funaya no Yado Kura .

<h3><font color=red>●About the penalty (cancellation fee) <br>
Please note that a cancellation fee will be charged at the same time as your reservation! <BR > case, 10% of the room rate will be charged up to 31 days prior to the accommodation date. <br>
Please check below for information after 31 days. </font></h3><br>

RAKU Ine by Funaya no Yado Kura is a new room that opened in September 2023. <br/>
It is an inn operated by fishermen, and the first floor is a work space for fishermen. <br/>
The guest room is available on the 2nd floor of Funaya as a space for guests to stay. <br/>
From the stylish room, you can overlook the boathouses of Ine Bay, and it is an inn where you can enjoy Ine slowly. <br/>
We leave early in the morning for fishing. <br/>
Please note that engine noise may be heard. <br/>
●About pick-up and drop-off<br/>
There is no pick-up service, so please use the reservation-type shared taxi "Inetaku" operated by Ine Town. <br/><br>

●About the hotel's provision of meals<br/>
The hotel is an inn without meals. For meals, please use restaurants and shops in Ine Town. In addition, depending on the day of your stay, you may not be able to eat at the restaurant due to temporary closures. In that case, please bring your own food and eat it in the inn. In addition, from the perspective of building protection and maintenance, there are no cooking equipment such as stoves and pots in the building, and it is not possible to bring them in. Please note that cooking is not allowed in the inn at all. In particular, please do not cook fish, crabs, rock oysters, or other strong-smelling foods in the inn. <br> Please make a reservation only if you understand this point. <br/><br>

● No fire and no smoking <BR>
Under the current Building Standards Law, the hotel is a valuable structure that cannot be built twice, and because it is made of wood, it is very vulnerable to fire. Therefore, fire is strictly prohibited and smoking is prohibited in the facility, and equipment that may ignite is not arranged. Hand-held fireworks are also not allowed.
We hope that those who stay at the hotel will understand this fact and use the hotel, which is an attraction and resource of the town, with care. <br><br>

● About fishing, swimming and fireworks <br>
Fishing is not allowed at the inn. Swimming is prohibited in Ine Bay, so swimming is not allowed even in front of the facility. Fireworks are not allowed because the use of firearms is prohibited. <br><br>

● Reservations will be accepted from the first day of the month 3 months before the desired date of stay. For example, January 1 for a stay in April. <br><br>

● About the price of children
<br> Children under 3 years old will not be counted in the room rate, but there will be no futon or amenities. Children over 4 years old will be counted in the room rate, and futons and amenities will be provided. <br><br/>

● About the penalty fee (cancellation fee) <br>
<font color=red> Please note that no matter how many days before your reservation, a cancellation fee will always be charged at the same time as your reservation! </font><br>
<b> Number of days from the date of stay/Amount paid</b><br>
- Up to 31 days in advance / 10% of the room rate <br>
30-26 days in advance / 30% of room rate <br>
25-11 days in advance / 50% of room rate <br>
10-4 days in advance / 70% of the room rate <br>
3- Up to 2 days in advance / 80% of the room rate <br>
100% of the room rate <br> the day before or on the day of the stay
Changes (reductions) in the number of people on the day before or on the day of accommodation will be subject to a cancellation fee. <br>

About the Ine Fireworks Support Plan
・A portion of the sales will be used to sponsor the Ine Fireworks event.
・This plan cannot be canceled.
・ Even if the fireworks event is canceled due to weather, etc., it cannot be canceled.